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Marian Walker

Ecosystem Scientist




Marian Walker, a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara's Environmental Studies program, holds a B.A. degree with an emphasis in Physical Geography and a minor in Science & Mathematics Education. During her time at UC Santa Barbara, she cultivated a deep interest in biogeography and disturbance ecology, driven by a commitment to addressing pressing environmental issues such as habitat degradation, invasive species, and land-use change.

For her senior thesis, Marian collaborated with the local nonprofit Channel Islands Restoration, to investigate the impact of prescribed herbivory on native grass resilience at the San Marcos Foothills. She also spearheaded various interdisciplinary research projects exploring the implications of ecological restoration for both The Nature Conservancy and Dr. Jennifer King's DECOMP Lab at UCSB. In her final year, Marian contributed significantly to a project led by UCSB Bren School PhD candidate Kaili Brande and her advisor Dr. Frank Davis, delving into the fire ecology of oak woodlands in response to prescribed burns at Sedgwick Reserve and Midland School in Santa Ynez, California.

Joining SIG-NAL as an Ecosystem Scientist in April 2024, Marian continues her journey in exploring the implications of ecological disturbances to inform land use changes and large-scale management strategies, particularly focusing on sites across Santa Barbara’s front country. Her role involves project planning and management for restoration efforts, as well as overseeing maintenance, monitoring, field data collection, geospatial data analysis, and technical writing in support of the Santa Barbara Regional Wildfire Mitigation Program.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Marian finds joy in outdoor activities such as surfing, snowboarding, and rollerskating, as well as nurturing her creativity through pursuits like art-making and experimenting with new recipes.

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