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Guillermo Romero, MEDS

Data Scientist

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Guillermo Romero's passion for the environment is deeply rooted in his academic and professional pursuits, particularly at the nexus of data science, geography, and machine learning. A proud alumnus of the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Guillermo holds a Master of Environmental Data Science. His academic foundation is further strengthened with a B.S. in Earth Science, emphasizing geohydrology, and a B.A. in Geography with a focus on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), both accomplished in 2022.

Guillermo's primary drive is harnessing the power of data science and machine learning to address pressing environmental and climatic challenges. He is especially intrigued by the transformative potential of remote sensing and earth observation technologies in deepening our comprehension of the planet's intricate systems. Outside of his professional commitments, Guillermo remains an avid explorer of the natural world, continually seeking new insights and perspectives.

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