SIG-NAL Fellows 

Dr. Ali Tohidi

Dr. Ali Tohidi is a fluid dynamicist and a data scientist. His research and development interests are in applications of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning control, and data-fusion in understanding large-scale complex systems, particularly revolving phenomena around fluid and fire dynamics. During his M.Sc. studies at Sharif University of Technology, he showed the effects of wind-induced surface cooling on aquatic canopies using the Rayleigh-Taylor instability theory and mechanics of Gravity Currents in porous media. Later, he moved to Clemson University, where he received his Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, to study firebrand shower phenomenon which is one of the wildfire spread mechanisms, particularly in wildland-urban interface (WUI) areas. Results of his Ph.D. work are disseminated in a series of publications and talks. After finishing Ph.D., he held a Postdoctoral Scholar position in Fire Protection Engineering Department at the University of Maryland, College Park where he conducted studies on the combustion-induced thermo-mechanical failure of cellular solids and dynamics of fire whirls; an extreme fire behavior. Later, he joined One Concern Inc. where he contributed to the design and development of wildfire monitoring and forecasting products. Currently, his research and development trust is at the nexus of AI and data-fusion for optimizing physics-based solutions.


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